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Multiple social accounts management


Monitor and analyze your accounts in one place:

Unlimited profiles for each network in one place. For example:
In the same window, you can open:
10 WhatsApp accounts, 5 Facebook, 7 YouTube ...etc. and watch them all at the same time.

Discover and Explore:

With Social Browser One, you can easily navigate through a diverse range of social media websites, all in one place. Whether you're looking to catch up on the latest news, support your business, connect with friends, or explore new interests, our app has got you covered.

Reach your audience anywhere on Social Media:

Since your eye catching everything from a single window, you won't miss out of any notification from your visitors when it arrives.
Being present on Social Media connects you with your audience, gives visitors a chance of real-time interaction and turn them into happy users.

Fast and Efficient:

We understand the importance of speed in today's fast-paced digital world. Our app will allow you to browse through different social media platforms all on the same place.

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OS: Windows 10, 11, Server 2016 and higher

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